CECO Awarded as “Technologically Innovative Demonstration Enterprise in China Petroleum and Chemical Industry”

The 2013 National Petroleum and Chemical Technology Innovation Conference organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation was held in the People’s Hall on October 25th,. Gu Xiulian, the deputy Chairman of the 10th session of Standing Committee of NPC attended the conference and made a speech. Li Yongwu, the director of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation made a theme report. Zhou Zhuye, the deputy director and director of China Phosphate Fertilizer Association presided over the conference. Relevant principals from Ministry of Technology, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Communications, National Office of Science and Technology Awards and more than 400 representatives from the petroleum and chemical industry in the whole country attended the conference.

In 2013, forty-four technologically innovative demonstration enterprises in petroleum and chemical industry and 136 outstanding technological workers were awarded on the conference. CECO manifested outstanding performances and obtained great achievements in multiple areas, including major equipment research, independent innovation, engineering design, achievement promotion and other fields. It was awarded as “Technologically Innovative Demonstration Enterprise in China Petroleum and Chemical Industry” in 2013. The General Manager Wang Mingkun and the deputy Manager Jiang Congbin were awarded as “Outstanding Technological Workers in National Petroleum and Chemical Industry”.  

The award showed China petroleum and chemical industry’s affirmation and encouragement for CECO’s technological innovation. In the future, CECO will push forward the research and development of technological programs and to accelerate the construction of engineering center and technological innovation system which treats the enterprise as the main body and combines industry and research under the guidance of market. Besides, our company will promote corporate independent innovation ability and promote technological progress in the industry so as to play an active role in realizing the industrial sustainable development. 

Notes: CECO is a standing council unit of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, a council unit of China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, a member unit of National Carbon Standardization Technology Commission and the Corporate Technology Center identified in Beijing. It possesses the only one pulverized coal technology research center in petroleum and chemical industry in China. Besides, CECO also formulated four national standards, i.e., Conditions of Coal Utilization Technology in Entrained-flow Bed Gasification Processing, Limit of Methanol Energy Consumption per Unit Product: Part 1: Coal-made Methanol, Limit of Coal-made Gas Energy Consumption per Unit Product and Limit of Coal-made Olefin Energy Consumption per Unit Product.

The core technology in the company “HT-L Pulverized Coal pressurized Gasification Technology” possesses complete independent knowledge property right, which is the purified coal utilization technology attached with great importance in promotion in China. Moreover, it is listed into Promotion Catalog of National Key Energy-saving Technology and Key Products of National Strategic Emerging Industries. In terms of technological innovation, it has realized corporate leaping development and established its dominating and solid position in coal and chemical industry as a technological leader.