CECO’s gasifier was one of the ten largest news of China's petroleum and chemical industry in 2017

On January 2, 2018, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation announced ten major news reports for 2017 in China's petroleum and chemical industry. The CECO’s gasifier developed and designed by this company has been running 407 days in a row.

The press pointed out that China's gasifier technology has made a major breakthrough: by September 13, 2017, the ceco’s gasifier designed and manufactured by the Changzheng Engineering Co., Ltd. had been running 407 days in the Manas project of Xinjiang, setting a world record for continuous running of airflow gasification technology. On November 14, the coal water mixture waste boiler gasifier jointly developed by Shanxi Clean Energy Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Beijing Qingchuang Jinhua Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Yangmei Chemical Machinery Group and Yangmei Fengxi Fertilizer Industry Group passed examination of the continuous stable site and identified as the international leading level by the China Petrochemical Federation on December 25.

The top ten annual news of China's Petroleum and chemical industry are the authoritative selection and release of petroleum and chemical industry. The ceco’s gasifier was selected into the top ten news of petrochemical industry in China, so the market value and social influence of the company's core products have been further enhanced,the core competitiveness of the enterprise has been improved, and the confidence of development of employees in CECO has been boosted.