Aerospace Coal Gasification Technology is Favored by the World's Chemical Giants A 1 billion Yuan General Contract is Signed by the Changzheng Engineering Company

26th February, 2019, Air Products and Chemicals (Hohhot) Co., LTD. Large-scale gas island project aerospace pulverized coal gasification equipment general contract signing ceremony was held in Shanghai. President of the Changzheng Engineering Co.,Ltd, Tang Guohong, Sun Qingjun and Zhu Yuying, general managers, deputy general manager, global vice President Philip Sproger of AP companies in the United States attended the signing ceremony. Basic contract design is included, and the contract amount is 1.0005 billion Yuan.

The project is located in Toghtoh industrial park, Toghtoh county, Hohhot city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. It is the 363,000 Nm3/h coal gasification equipment and supporting project, which is the first coal gasification and syngas supply project invested and operated by American air products company in China. The project adopts three HT-L gasifier , and the intermediate handover of the device will be completed before May 31st, 2021. The construction period of the project is 26 months.

Changzheng engineering company has completely independent intellectual property rights of space pulverized coal pressurized gasification technology, leading the world. This technology is efficient, environmental friendly, with low conversion cost. It has strong operational safety, good production stability, wide adaptability of coal, excellent operation index and comprehensive utilization of outstanding characteristics. The company dominates an absolute leading position in long-term stable operation, maintaining world record of 467.5 days of A class continuous operation.

This cooperation with American AP Companies is another international cooperation with air liquide company, praxair of the United States and other world air giants, further enhancing the company's brand awareness.