The business model of company can be divided into two categories that include a patent licensing, engineering design, equipment supply of complete sets for individual business model and business model of the general contractor, along with the expansion and extension of service scope for company, the company has become a general project contractor with rich project performance, which is committed to promoting the clean and efficient utilization of coal resources, and strives to become an comprehensive service provider with energy and environmental protection core technology research and development, system integration, engineering services, financial services, clean energy gas supply and hazardous waste disposal.

The main service target of company is coal chemical industry, coal chemical industry uses coal as raw material , which produce a variety of chemical products and energy products through gasification, liquefaction, coking and other means, It conforms to the characteristics of resource endowments for our country, and it has developed into a unique feature in China, which together with petrochemicals and natural gas chemicals, has become the important industry in China's basic chemical and energy chemical industries.

The development of coal chemical industry in China has reached a considerable scale, and the annual transformation capacity of coal is over 200 million tons. The traditional coal chemical industry, such as coal synthetic ammonia, coal synthetic methanol, coal synthetic calcium carbide etc, that has become the main body of the industry; the modern coal chemical industry, such as coal synthetic oil, coal synthetic natural gas, coal synthetic olefins, methanol synthetic olefins, coal synthetic ethylene glycol, Dozens of projects have been put into production and become an important way for the clean and efficient utilization of coal. It is an important supplement to petrochemicals.