Core technologies:

Relying on the advantages accumulated by China Aerospace in the development, production and test of carrier rockets and liquid rocket engines, products of the company is used in the field of clean and efficient utilization of coal, thus forming "HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology" with completely independent intellectual property rights in China.

Through the HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology, coal can be converted with high efficiency, environmental protection and low cost,and it can be widely used in the production of synthetic ammonia from coal, coal to methanol, coal to olefin, coal to ethylene glycol, coal to natural gas, coal to oil, coal to hydrogen and IGCC power generation.

Through the continuous innovation of ten years, the HT-L Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology has formed the technical advantages with distinct characteristics:

Ø Strong operational safety: no equipment and personal injury accidents caused by design;

Ø Good production stability: the continuous uninterrupted operation(level A) time of the gasifier reaches 385 days (up to August 22, 2017). The longest cumulative operation time of the whole year is 362 days, the cumulative operating time of 16 gasification units is more than 315 days under full load, and the service life of the burner is more than 600 days.

Ø Wide adaptability of coal: Tianxi project adopts Jincheng anthracite coal("tri-high" coal), gasifier A and B run respectively 313days and 326 days in the whole year; Changshan lignite project enters the stage of safe and stable operation.

Ø Excellent operation index: the average annual operating and maintenance cost is from 2 to 3 million yuan, leading the industry compared to coal consumption, oxygen consumption, ratio of ash and slag, sewage discharge and comprehensive index industry;

Ø Good comprehensive utilization: carry out "three wastes" emission quantitative research and process control, gradually realize harmless treatment and resource utilization.